By Jenni Wirtz | 3 August, 2021

Campaign to support garages with greater access to information on choice, quality and technical support

First Line Ltd is continuing its commitment to share its extensive product knowledge and technical expertise with the aftermarket and has launched a new campaign to educate the importance of best practice clutch installation, designed to support independent garages and parts distributors.

Key aspects will be ‘education’, ‘install with confidence’, ‘identifying clutch failures’, ‘correct alignment’ and ‘promoting choice’.

When it comes to the design and manufacture of clutch systems and with more than a century’s worth of OE heritage, the Borg and Beck brand, owned by First Line Ltd, is world renowned. Since being acquired in 2006, the iconic brand has undergone continued investment ensuring its heritage and expertise translates firmly into the modern aftermarket.

To support the campaign, the clutch specialist has introduced a detailed, technical poster, outlining best practice and top tips for clutch fitment.

The new poster reminds technicians to follow best practice during clutch replacement. It is a visual guide highlighting key parts of the process that if not followed, could lead to an avoidable warranty claim, which if it is due to an installation error or driver abuse, won’t be covered.

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director, explains: “Our Borg & Beck products are hugely popular among factors and their technician customers and we’re working to support the aftermarket in the provision of extensive information that will add further confidence.

“For technicians, the Borg & Beck Clutch range offers quality assurances, technical support and ease of fitment, ensuring a hassle-free replacement. With a UK technical test facility and technical helpline, the emphasis is on supporting the installer in an efficient manner. We are committed to educating the industry and are proud to announce that we have just introduced a fantastic poster highlighting best practice for clutch installation.”

When replacing a clutch it’s important to understand why the old clutch has failed, particularly if it has failed prematurely. There could be a number of reasons that can cause premature failure, including poor driving style, towing heavy loads, frequent hill starts or an installation error, that if left unknown, could affect the lifespan of the replacement unit.

One of the key messages shared by all clutch manufacturers is the importance of correct engine to gearbox alignment. Before offering up the gearbox, the Borg & Beck engineers advise technicians to align the input shaft with the hub spline of the clutch disc and not allow the weight of the gearbox to hang off the spline, as this could cause the drive plate to break apart.

Another danger to the clutch systems that the company is urging the aftermarket to consider is over lubrication.

Roughley adds: “Lubrication of the spline shaft should be kept to a fine film, using the sachet supplied with your Borg & Beck Clutch Kit. Alternatively, any high performance, high melting point, non-copper-based grease can be used. Excessive greasing can affect the performance of the new clutch, so always remove the excess.

“If the vehicle has a CSC fitted and it is being replaced, it is also vital that you avoid the temptation to compress the new CSC, as this can cause damage because out of the box the seal is dry. You must ensure that the CSC mounting face is clean and any seals, gaskets or sealant should be used as per the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.”

If it is identified that the DMF was the cause of failure, then First Line Ltd recommends that technicians and drivers consider a Borg & Beck Single Mass Flywheel (SMF) conversion kit. Borg & Beck SMFs are designed to provide a cost-effective and durable solution for vehicles that have a dual mass flywheel as original equipment. SMFs are ideally suited to higher mileage applications, low speed city driving and the demanding operating environment common place with LCV applications.

First Line Ltd is committed to providing factors and their workshop customers with as much information as possible, with this commitment in mind the company is giving away these posters free of charge to any factor, workshop or repairer that would find this useful.

To request your free poster, and to see the other posters available from First Line Ltd, simply visit our poster page and fill in the online form.

The company is also active on most social media channels where they share technical advice, tips and product news with their followers, simply search for ‘First Line Ltd’ or ‘Borg & Beck’ to like and follow their social pages and stay up to date with all the latest information.



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