By Jenni Wirtz | 14 April, 2022

As braking is a safety-critical component, First Line Ltd. is stressing the importance of sourcing and recommending parts from well-established suppliers. To provide technicians with a choice of premium quality braking components, they need to sell a brand they trust and that their customers can depend on.

As a result, factors now have a vital role of informing and advising their customers on best practice and tips, as well as upselling other products in the process.

Key considerations for a factor to look out for when working with braking suppliers is support, as quality should go hand in hand with education and technical expertise. If a factor has these tools to hand, it is easier for them to highlight the quality and reliability of the products they are sourcing and selling.

First Line Ltd is a renowned aftermarket supplier and, under its Borg & Beck brand, offers a range of BECKTEC coated Brake Discs and Brake Pads, featuring BECKTEC multi-layered shim technology, that provide the ideal replacement solution.

The aftermarket specialist also offers an array of technical support, helping factors to convey this message to their customers.

For example, when it comes to installing brake pads and discs, it is essential that vital procedures are not overlooked, as this may lead to premature failure of the new components. Calipers, for example, need to be able to operate freely, so must be clear of dust, dirt and corrosion and caliper bolts, where applicable, should be replaced, as many are single use only and must not be reused.

If there are slider pins, these need to be cleaned and lubricated with a suitable silicone-based lubricant and, if they have been on the vehicle for a long period of time, any clips should be replaced, as their tension will have been severely reduced. Wear leads that are not an integral part of the pad should also be replaced when required for the application.

As a result, when purchasing brake pads, factors need to check to see if all the necessary parts are included. Borg & Beck follows what is supplied in the OE box, which varies by manufacturer, therefore some references will not come with replacement caliper bolts, springs and clips, as they may be sold separately as fitting kits.

This gives factors the ideal upselling opportunity when selling braking components. When supplying workshops, factors should always check to see if additional components are required to fit the pads or shoes and if so, with a full range of fitting kits, Borg & Beck is able to supply the correct solution for virtually every application.

Borg & Beck’s range of more than 630 brake fitting kits and in excess of 200 wear leads, provides a comprehensive solution for both pads and shoes, ensuring the correct operation of the braking assembly is achieved, minimising the possibility of noise, uneven wear, or unequal brake effort following complete replacement.

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director of First Line Ltd, said: “Our brake fitting kits are crucial for technicians and should be one of the first thoughts a factor has when selling braking components. Not only is it a great time to upsell, it will also give the factor a great reputation with their customers, as it shows they’re knowledgeable and technicians won’t have to waste valuable time re-calling to get parts they need to complete the job.”



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